I have 3-year experience of developing software using python. I did several projects using this language and I'm using recently to learn tensorflow. 


I have 3-year experience of using Java to develop softwares. I'm able to use data structures and libraries skillfully in Java. Please go ahead to Projects page for more info.


I have one year experience of using swift to develop iOS applications.


I have one year experience of coding using C. My understanding of this language is not limited to the language itself, but more of how do the hardwares (cache, cpu, etc) work together to execute the commands of different programming languages.

R Programming

I have one year experience of using R to programmatically collect, analyze and visualize data. One of my projects is a web app, which visualizes a specific data set about American's health.

Data Analysis

I'm capable of getting, analyzing data and extracting model from data. Moreover, with the help of Shiny in R, I can help visualize the data beautifully and make the analysis as an web app running on a Shiny server.


I have one year experience of developing websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Please feel free to visit this website and my personal website (the one you are look at : ) )

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