iOS Weather Forecast Application

June 01, 2016

Type: Individual Project

It is a weather forecast app I made for iOS platform, which embedded with many of advanced and fancy features of swift 2.0. With a beautiful interface and reliable and robust 24-hr forecast, this app will give users a friendly and nice experience. For handy experience, please go ahead to this website .

Game of Quoridor

February 29, 2016

Type: Individual Project

Programmed the game of quoridor (a variation of GO, search space 4*1042, branch factor 68) and a smart Quoridor agent using

expecti-max with alpha-beta pruning.

Pac-Man Agents

February 29, 2016

Type: Team Project

Developed several Pac-Man agents by using mini-max, alpha-beta pruning method and q-value reinforcement learning. These Pac-Man agents are able to find the comparatively optimal solution in complicated cases (multiple ghosts and complicated, large maze).


March 31, 2015

Type: Individual Project

Developed a mini-Git out of Java that supports most of the basic commands of Git. This mini-Git uses powerful data structures to store and recover the files space-efficiently and time efficiently, and simulates the git commands such as "push", "commit", "pull", "merge", "branch", "checkout", etc

Health Factors

April 30, 2016

Type: Team Project

Processed, analyzed and visualized the data of American health factors, and created a website for the research report. In this report, we came out an equation for the factors that makes an impact to a human's life expectancy

Twitter Data Visualization

September 30, 2014

Type: Team Project

Used Python data structures to develop a geographic visualization of Twitter data across the United States. My teammate and I grouped sets of Twitter data, analyzed their feelings based on the words they used, and finally displayed these feelings aesthetically across the United States


September 30, 2015

Type: Team Project

Used Spark with Amazon EC2 to run a PageRank algorithm to find and sort the weights of millions of links. We rent amazon EC2 servers to run an algorithm (inspired by Google PageRank Algorithm) to sort the weights of links based on the values in a Bayes Net of the PageRank algorithm.

Scheme Interpreter

October 31, 2014

Type: Team Project

Developed a Scheme interpreter using python that supports most of the commands in scheme. We also participated a Scheme Drawing contest using Scheme Turtle Drawing Package and won my professor's praise. 

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